Hi I'm Joel Mark (Captain Jex)
The Caribbean Pirate

Soon the first Afro Caribbean and Grenadian to sail solo around the world.

My planned sailing route 2017 / 2018

Pirate round the world sailing route

My attempt will be to set sail either from the UK or Grenada and take the most direct route by following the equatorial line encircling the globe. From the UK, sail across the North Atlantic into the Caribbean, through the Panama canal, across the South Pacific to Australia, Indonesia, the Maldives to Yemen and up the Suez canal into the Mediterranean around Gibraltar and back to UK.
Leaving from Grenada will follow the same equatorial route though starting with the South Pacific and ending across the Atlantic back to Grenada.

There are many other brave sailors who have sailed solo around the world, my intention is to be the first Afro Caribbean and Grenadian to sail solo west to east around the world.

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Captain Jex Pirate of the Caribbean Bio